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Who we are

3LJ is the unique provider of business English language courses based in Spain. We offer maximum exposure to business English without asking our clients to leave the country and we teach ONLY business English using ONLY native English speaking, CELTA trained tutors with real business credentials.

Caroline Dale, the managing director of 3LJ, is a highly experienced executive. She began her career with Northcliffe Newspapers recruiting, training and managing staff before moving on to T. Bailey Forman. In 1997 she became director of her first company, CD Solutions, delivering training to staff and management of high profile clients such as Dimbleby Newspaper Group, EMAP and The Daily Mail Group. Caroline herself is CELTA qualified and has a degree in business studies.

Whether trading as an individual, company or multinational and in whatever your specialist area, sales, marketing or finance etc., we develop the perfect business English course for you.

3LJ can help you master the language of persuasion, improving business communications, decision making and overall organisational effectiveness.

How we do it

To ensure that every individual has the most successful learning experience possible we carry out a comprehensive needs assessment.

  • We ask a range of questions designed to attain a clear understanding of individual needs, including existing knowledge, capabilities and experience
  • We carry out interviews and conversations to discover how our clients learn best so we can tailor their language journey in terms of environment, materials, study style and topics
  • We undertake a detailed business assessment to clarify the specific language issues and requirements of the relevant industry
  • We discuss how, and in what context, the improved business English will be deployed, ensuring that we are meeting our clients needs
  • We evaluate the learning journey throughout, in order to guarantee the most successful experience possible for our current and future clients

This rigorous needs assessment enables us to tailor the perfect language journey for every individual and / or business.

Our expert tutors create our courses according to which level of service our client has chosen (from our range of Gold, Silver and Bronze) ensuring that lessons, exercises and vocabulary are appropriate to the industry and context that our client wants to succeed in.

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News & Events

New Personalised Intensive Business English Immersion Courses June & July 2015.

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"Caroline's objectives were to provide comprehensive training programmes to staff who were new to the environment. She played an essential part in the introduction of new technology and systems to develop the staff in this area."

"Her approach and positive attitude towards both staff and particularly to our commercial customers has helped the department progress to a customer aware operation which is relevant to a changing market place"

D G Crow, Technical/Operations Director, T. Bailey Forman Ltd.